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What is the Daisy Society?

Children are our future

As a child I remember looking at farm animals in books, cartoons, or on TV and thinking they look so happy and I loved them so much. However, at the same time my family ate chicken and pork for dinner and something didn't add up to me. My little friends were portrayed as happy and a farm as idyllic, but something was wrong. The classic image of a Daisy cow was not what it seemed. The Daisy Society logo represents the subtle sad truth behind traditional representation of farms and farm animals to children.

The goal is to raise children with honesty and awareness about where their food, clothing, and entertainment comes from; and the choices they have to make a difference. A new generation of more aware, compassionate, and loving humans will be able to continue making progress towards a humane world for all animals.

Daisy Society: About Us

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Children's books

Support our publishing of children's books about animal rights and how children can make a difference!


Attend an Event

Bring your kids to a volunteer day at the farm!

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