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Support your favorite animals with a monthly membership! These need your support the most:

  • Sponsor the Horses!

    Every month
    Help us save 2 horses this May! We need sustaining members!
    • Your name will appear on the horse corral as a their angel!
  • Sponsor Dandy!

    Every month
    Monthly feed, vet care, and treats!
    • Help us give Dandy the best care!
  • Sponsor Cauliflower!

    Every month
    Our momma needs extra resources as she is nursing twins!
    • Special feed, vet and grooming
  • $5 Fridays Monthly!

    Every month
    Help us get to 200 people every Friday with monthly support!
    • For the price of a cup of coffee, help us save animals.

Sponsor an Animal: PaidPlans
Sponsor an Animal: Gallery
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